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G-IN Group - is a consulting and investment company focused on innovative business development, which has been positioned in the Georgian market since 2017. The company has implemented many important projects in the Georgian business sector. The portfolio counts several large companies fully launched in the Georgian market.

G-IN Group includes the best talented people who have key competencies in the necessary areas, industrial knowledge and necessary experience. Our company is ready to help any interested investor or businessman in any field in Georgia. We share our goals in helping you navigate the business and investment world, and we pay special attention to your economic and business history in order to thoroughly explore your financial and legal potential.

G-IN Group offers various financial and investment management services to investors and businessmen, which helps you successfully complete your projects. Various services include registering a company, developing a business plan, and consulting on investment opportunities in Georgia. Offering a similar package of services, startups and investors have a unique opportunity to limit their expenses and get services from professionals.