Consulting Services

G-IN GROUP HR Consulting

Consulting on personnel policy

The right personnel policy contributes to the company's development, increasing employee engagement, improving the company's organizational culture and continuous development of human capital. We can help you:

Manage staff and assign roles and responsibilities

Prepare job descriptions that will meet the requirements of the legislation

Create an optimal organizational structure based on existing departments / divisions and positions

Identify the need for staff development and training

Evaluate staff engagement and work progress

Prepare a payment strategy, bonuses, and motivation systems

Trends and responsibilities in the modern world have created the need for the employer to move to a new and expanded stage of labor rights for both employees and employers. For the investor, knowledge of the local context, rules, legal precedents, and adaptation of the company's rules to the conditions of labor legislation will be clearly important. To do this, our team will provide various services, including legal policy in the field of employment, labor contract drafting and other issues in which our team has extensive experience and knowledge.

G-IN GROUP Tax Consulting

Consultations on international tax planning, Georgian direct and indirect taxes, request for preliminary tax rulings, appeal against decisions of tax authorities.

We have successfully advised more than 50 leading international companies on international tax planning strategies. We will identify all possible tax risks and help optimize the company's taxes using appropriate tax incentives, incentives, and international agreements to avoid double taxation. The result of the work is presented to the Customer in the form of written opinions, tax memoranda, certificates and explanations. Operational consultations are carried out in any format convenient for the Customer (by e-mail, by phone, by any remote conference channel). We also prepare and submit requests for preliminary tax reports. We prepare and file appeals against decisions of the tax authorities on behalf of clients, the level of satisfied appeals exceeds 95%. We believe that a deep and detailed analysis of tax elements is necessary for the functioning of a commercial enterprise. The search for effective solutions relating to tax matters is part of our activities in the team. In parallel, clients can use the financial Advisory group with the help of the Lawyer group.

Registration of property rights, mergers and acquisitions, legal expertise, drafting contracts, obtaining licenses / permits, drafting lawsuits, consulting on labor relations.

We provide detailed consulting services in all branches of Georgian law

We help with registration of land plots, equipment, and subsidiaries

We provide a comprehensive monitoring service

We develop appropriate contracts with business partners, employees, and the government

We help our Customers to obtain licenses and permits required by the legislation of Georgia

We provide services to protect the interests of the Customer in the courts of Georgia

We consult on compliance with labor laws

After going through the above processes, we identify the risks associated with investing in order to take all measures to secure the transaction and reduce the risk. However, it should be remembered that the security measures developed for a specific industry that protect investments are based on existing practices at the time of compilation.

Individually developed legal solutions and a flexible structure in the modern business environment that serve the best economic and legal interests of the client are an indispensable attribute for existing companies.

Our team of lawyers is focused on providing legal advice on civil, administrative and commercial matters to the highest standards. The main goal of our team is to form the client's choice for the most important business operations, the most complex legal problems and disputes.

Our team has a wide range of experience and specializes in the highest degree of professionalism in the following areas:

Corporate legal services include a wide range of activities, including registration and reorganization of new legal entities, preparation of trade documents and partnership agreements, disputes between the parties, and others. From complex legal problems, our team will find the best solution with minimal financial costs.

If you are considering buying another company or its shares, selling your own company or its shares, making a public offer, our team is ready to offer you temporary and budget services that will help you find confidential documents, trading documents, share sales contracts and other important documents for legal preparation.

It's worth to mention, that our team provides additional resources and efforts not only for the successful completion of cases, but also for creating legal precedents at the legal and international levels, in all cases of judicial and state bodies.


Our team adheres to the highest standards of ethics for local and international client relations with international companies, international organizations, financial institutions and embassies to maintain and win public trust. We value the loyalty of our loyal customers. Our experience and specialization allow us to meet the needs of the client, which is an integral feature of our team.

Legal practice shows that your ideas, design, products and corporate identity are a prerequisite for business development. We successfully advise international companies on issues related to copyrights, patents, trademarks and intellectual property issues in the Georgian market. Our specialists will help you easily register a trademark, trademark, name and make every effort to minimize the time spent on this process.

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