Business Registration in Georgia

Мы сопровождаем Заказчика на всех стадиях регистрации организации. В частности, формируем перечень необходимых от Заказчика документов, организуем перевод и нотариальное заверение в установленном законом порядке, составляем проект, подаем заявку в Национальное Агентство Государственного Реестра, отслеживаем процесс регистрации, помогаем получить налоговый идентификационный номер, логин и пароль для портала Службы доходов.


Registration of LLC, JSC, representative Office, Partnership, NGO, Permanent Establishment

If you are interested in registering a business in Georgia, first of all you need to decide on the legal form. Georgian legislation allows you to register a business in the following forms:


Individual Entrepreneur (sole proprietor)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Non-Profit organization (NPO)

Joint-Stock Company (JSC)

А также несколько других, менее популярных форм образования юридических лиц.

To make the right decision about choosing the form, it is necessary to analyze future activities from the point of view of the optimal tax regime and from the point of view of the business ownership structure and profit distribution. We recommend using our tax consulting service, where we can help you answer these and many other questions.

The status of the virtual zone of Tbilisi

The status of a virtual zone in Tbilisi will almost completely free your IT business from taxes. If you already have a company, you can send us an electronic certificate of registration, and we will help you get the status of a resident of the virtual zone in the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

If you have not yet registered your company, we will provide you with a turnkey service - from opening a company to obtaining the necessary certificate.

The virtual zone resident certificate assigns the company the VZE (Virtual Zone Entity) status. This legal form is official and allows you to conduct any IT activity under a preferential tax system. Your profit will not be subject to VAT or income tax if you sell your services/products outside of Georgia. Registration of a company in the virtual zone of Georgia and the rules for obtaining MEOW status are the same for both residents and non-residents of the country.

Free Industrial Zone Of Georgia

A preferential company in Georgia can be registered in one of the free industrial zones. Georgia's PPE is essentially an offshore company and allows you to legally exempt your business from taxation. If you want to register your company in the free industrial zone of Georgia, first you will need to choose one of the three available ones. They are located in the three largest cities of the country, Tbilisi, Kutaisi, as well as in the port city of Poti.

Fixed Cost Of The Annual License


$ 4500
  • Area: 170.000 sq. m.
  • Created in 2015 and consists of virtual office locations and 28 industrial, free land plots that are designed to meet the requirements of tenant companies.

Hualing Kutaisi

$ 2000
  • Area: 360.000 sq. m.
  • All transportation infrastructure
    is quite close: the international airport is 19 km away, the Poti seaport is 95 km away, and the 210 km. highway connecting the company to Tbilisi.


$ 2000
  • Area: 3.000.000 sq. m.
  • Poti is a port city. In addition, it has direct access to the railway (you can unload cars without auto transportation) and the largest list of licenses and opportunities for investors.

G-IN GROUP specialists will help you understand the specifics of each of the FEZs, select the best option and provide a calculation of the cost of business registration and obtaining a license. As part of the service, we will also provide a list of documents required for registration.


To apply for business registration in Georgia, you need to collect and prepare a set of documents, which depends on the chosen form, the personal presence or absence of the owners of the future legal entity.

  • Notarized legal address.
  • Bilingual organization charter.
  • Owners' passports or certified copies.

As part of the business registration service, G-IN GROUP specialists will prepare, translate and certify all the necessary documents for the House of Justice, the tax service and help with opening a Bank account.


The application for business registration in Georgia is submitted at the Justice House. If the application is submitted personally by the owners, the employee of the house of justice checks the applicant's knowledge of the Georgian language. If the owners do not speak Georgian, they will need an interpreter to sign the application.

It is possible to submit an application without the personal presence of the owners by proxy and with the preparation of notarized documents in the Georgian language.


  • Notarized legal address of the sole proprietor in Georgia
  • Passport
  • Application
  • Receipt for payment of the state fee.
  • Notarized legal address in Georgia
  • Bilingual charter of the company
  • Decision to create a company (not required in person)
  • Owners' passports
  • Application
  • Receipt for payment of the state fee.
  • Notarized legal address in Georgia
  • Bilingual charter of the company
  • Decision to create a company (not required in person)
  • Owners' passports
  • Application (can be prepared by the operator in the house of Justice)
  • Receipt for payment of the state fee.


Business registration in Georgia is possible in one business day or faster - on the day of application.

In General, it will take 2 part-time working days to prepare documents, submit an application, and register with the House of Justice and the tax service (excluding approval of the Charter texts and additional documents required from the applicant). Opening a Bank account takes one hour.

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